Voluntary work

You are also welcome to come here as a volunteer.

NB! We accept volunteers for a maximum of one month and we are not looking for long-term cohabitants.

We have been hosting volunteers for over 8 years. It all started with the need for a helping hand and it became a great cultural exchange. Lots of people have come here as a strangers from all over the world and left as a new friends. Our project have been improved a lot. We are feeling that now it is a time to rethink the role of volunteers in El Nido Feliz. 

We are here to share our off-grid lifestyle experience. We want to share our knowledge of permaculture, dry land gardening, working with different tools, recycling, making canned food, recognize edible wild plants and much more. Of course, sometimes it also means hard or boring work (like collecting firewood, preparing new vegetable beds, clean chicken house etc.). But we do it all together. Our volunteers are part of our family. It’s like an intensive individual course about off-grid life and everything that comes with it mixed by enjoying nature in a wonderful place. How much everyone learns and acquires new skills depends, of course, mainly on the person himself and his motivation.

You would only work 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are waiting for volunteers an interest in this kind of lifestyle, an open mind, and an enthusiasm for learning new things. We do not expect previous experience.

We are food fanatics and our volunteers often rave about the meals that they receive, but even better, come and bring your own local recipes as we love to learn. 
As much as possible, we use meat and vegetables from our farm for cooking. 

We are not vegetarians, but we can cook and feed vegetarians or vegans without any problem. But you must understand that one part of our farm animals are part of our family diet.

We are offering beds according to your wishes (means that you can choose from to sleep under almond tree, caravan or inside), food 7 days of week, sauna in the winter and internal shared shower. Reasonable drinking and smoking allowed.

NB! You need to contact us beforehand!

Work would mostly be gardening, construction, moving rocks, landscaping maintenance, animal caring (cleaning chickenhouse; walking the donkey…), etc.
Seasonal highpoints:
In October we need help for collect almonds.
In November we need help for saffron.
In November, December we need help for pruning trees.

Pets (dogs and cats) not allowed without special agreement, because we try maintain our ecosystem and, as general, they have some disturbing effect.

*️Our off-grid lifestyle means that we have public transport stop, good internet, shops, bars etc. exactly 10 km walking (2 hours approx.). So, it actually isn’t a good starting point for looking a outside job (then you need a car).