We are completely surrounded by nature and you can really hear silence or often birds singing in the mountains around. It´s a great spot to gaze at the stars at night.

The nearest village is 10km away, called Siete Aguas. It´s probably more of a small town and is well connected to the city of Valencia with several trains and buses running daily, taking about 1hr 30 or 45 minutes respectively. There you can find cafes, restaurants and an open–air swimming pool (open in the summer only). 14km on the opposite side is the other village, Chera, and Natural Park Chera- Sot de Chera with lots of hiking routes available. Chera is a beautiful and rustic village with a wine and olive–oil cooperative.

You can find amazing hiking spots in the mountains around our house – only a short walk away you can visit 4000 year–old cave paintings or 2500 year–old Iberian writings.

A wonderful crystal clear natural pools to swim (Charco de las Lumbres) and a waterfall can be found approx. 7km from our home. Other river baths (Barranco de la Hoz) are 9km away from us. On the other side of the Chera-Sot de Chera National Park, you will find Las Toscas, with a wonderful curtain of water falling through the moss.

Siete Aguas

Siete Aguas boasts its mountain climate, which makes its summers one of the coolest in the Valencian interior. In Siete Aguas territory there are more than 100 fountains.

We also have a lot of snow in some winters, but it doesn’t happen every year.

Requena-Utiel vineyards and cellars are 30-50km away.