Things to do

If you dream of seeing rural life in Spain and you’re looking to take some time out for yourself, whether to write a book or just to refresh yourself away from city life, then you are very welcome here.


You might be interested to show your children (or yourselves!) our farm animals and feed them (we have chickens, goats, a donkey and every guest’s favourite: a dachshund). We also grow plenty of delicious organic almonds which you can crack open by hand.

If you want, you can join us taking our goats out for a stroll in the mountains and see what life is like as an assistant shepherd.

El Nido Feliz kitsekarjas

Or perhaps you live in a noisy city and are just craving some alone time for yourself or your family. Come look at the stars and listen to the peaceful sounds of the wildlife around us – you are all welcome.

Here you can hike, you can train for running competitions or go cycling.

Authentic Paella Valenciana (Valencian paella) originally comes from these mountains and if you would like, we can cook it for you or alongside you.

Valencia paella